The overall goal for the ESWC 2011 Summer School event is to provide intensive training and networking opportunities for the next EWC generation. In particular we wish to facilitate the creation of a new cohort of ESWC: Master's, Ph.D. students and junior researchers who will in time become the next leaders of the ESWC conference and of the Semantic Web research area in general.


In this respect the above, the topics of the ESWC Summer School will be aligned with the most prominent and emerging topics of the ESWC conference. We will also provide opportunities for attendees to network with their peers, the School Tutors and Keynotes as well as senior members of STI International and senior members of the Semantic Web community who are participating in the Conference.

The organization and tutorial team for this Summer School have extensive experience in these types of events having organized similar events in Europe, the US and Asia over a number of years. Building from this experience, and also knowledge of pedagogy we know that learning-by-doing leads to successful learning. We also know the true value of networking in the research context and that this is best supported by an informal atmosphere coupled with an enjoyable inclusive social programme. Supporting the above will be a dominant theme of the EWSC Summer School and a significant portion of the school will involve hands-on sessions with the latest generation of Semantic Web tools.

The Summer School is open to anyone studying in a Semantic Web related post-graduate course or is at an early stage of a Semantic Web related career and is engaged in suitable Semantic Web activities. We will provide sponsorship for a limited number students who require financial support.
Places will be limited to 50 in order to ensure that all participating students receive quality time with their tutors. Accepted students will be obliged to attend the whole week.
We encourage anyone who is at an early stage of their Semantic Web career to apply our new school which will be the first in a long- running series.The ESWC Summer School is supported by a number of European projects including PlanetData and also


  • Languages, standards and Web-scale reasoning
  • Linked Data publishing and consumption
  • Developing and aligning vocabularies
  • Semantically enabled Web APIs and services
  • Front-ends for the Semantic Web


  • Registration Opens: December 1st 2010
  • Registration Closes: February 15th 2011 February 28th 2011 EXTENDED!
  • Decision on Acceptance: March 1st 2011 March 8th 2011 NEW!
  • Summer School: May 22nd evening to midday May 28th


  • STI Members: 550 Euros
  • Non STI Members: 600 Euros

Fees include registration fee, accommodation and meals.
Summer School students will be entitled to a 33% discount of the ESWC conference registration fee.


To register for the school please click here: