The project aims to demonstrate how Semantic Web technologies can be used as a tool to connect TV content and the Web through Linked Open Data, as part of the wider trend of TV and Web convergence. By specifying protocols and APIs to support a variety of realistic user scenarios for experiencing future TV, NoTube offers a novel contribution to the TV media world.


The PlanetData project is built around three objectives that together ensure the creation of a durable community made up of academic and industrial partners. This community will be supported in conducting research in the large-scale data management area through the provision of data sets and access to tailored data management technology. It will benefit from a comprehensive program of training, dissemination, standardization, and networking activities, intended to strengthen existing collaborations and establish new ones, to educate organizations in key questions related to open data exposure, and to transfer research results towards industry.

SEALS Project

The SEALS Project is developing a reference infrastructure known as the SEALS Platform to facilitate the formal evaluation of semantic technologies. This allows both large-scale evaluation campaigns to be run (such as the International Evaluation Campaigns for Semantic Technologies) as well as ad-hoc evaluations by individuals or organizations.